Sarah Tolmie - Life&Love

Gottman Marriage Therapist & Marriage Mentor  

Life & Love and Relationship Coach - Holistic Celebrant Bespoke Funeral Director & End-of-Life Consultant

Sarah brings magic, miracles and meaning to all things Life & Love .


Departing her corporate career, Sarah followed the call of ceremony & ritual as a celebrant, and being in service to individuals, couples and families helping them to navigate the emotional, practical, relational and spiritual challenges of life and love’s journey as a coach, therapist and consultant.


Sarah now lives beachside on the NSW Central Coast and takes the ‘slow and scenic route’ towards a life full of love and laughter. She describes her adventures in Life & Love as close encounters with life & death, love &  loss, joy &  transformation.


She has been married to the love of her life, Andrew for 22 years (and re-marries him every 7 years, recently celebrating their 4th wedding) and has two gorgeous, boisterous and sometimes smelly sons, Finn (19) and Rory (16).


She is also in passionate relationship with her ‘four-legged furry-child’ Harvey-dog.

Planning to get married?

Did you know in Australia 1 in 2 marriages

will end in DIVORCE?


Are you planning for marriage?  Do you have the relationship skills and prepared for what it takes for lifelong loving? 


Are you entering marriage but come from a broken family yourself? Are you worried when things get tough, you won't know how to stay connected?

Did you know 50% of marriages end in DIVORCE? How healthy is your loving?


Has the spark gone? Are you feeling bored, unappreciated or even taken for granted?

Not talking anymore or only about the kids and home chores?

Is your marriage missing affection, kindness and respect?

Do you crave intimacy and connection – how it used to be – but don’t know how to achieve it anymore? Maybe you are looking enviously at other relationships?

Does Your Marriage Need a Miracle?

In order to bring your best self to your beloved, you need to also top up your own 'love tank' and love yourself. Give yourself time for reflection, regulation of your own feelings and thoughts, pleasure and care. 

When you enter into committed relationships you enter an 'agreement' to take on the care and support for each others needs and desires.  In addition to your own, your partners needs and desires also become important for you to be aware of, understand and give support, encouragement and fulfillment. In a Miracle Marriage, couples ask "What are you feeling?" "What do you need?" and "How can I support you in that?".

Life & Love: Equality begins at home and benefits all

Unless you have been off grid, under a rock or on a total social media detox you cannot be missing the debates and discourse around #metoo, women’s rights and gender equality.

In fact, in the last few years there has been a steady flow of discontent which now seems like a veritable tsunami of outrage.  Women are fed up.  And I am one of them.

I feel like as I edge closer to 50 I am becoming, as actress Ashley Judd at the outbreak of the Harvey Weinstein Hollywood scandal proudly declared herself to be, an ‘angry woman’!

One of the familiar dilemmas moving into the ‘third-age’ of life is the issue of where to live.  Once the family home becomes too big for two or one, should you downsize?  Should you consider your next move to be a ‘by design’ over 55’s lifestyle village or might you need a more supported environment with higher care options for the future?  Or are you happy where you are?

When do you begin planning for this?