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1 Refund Policy & Product Guarantees

  1. Creating a Miracle Marriage is delivered by access to a membership site. Full purchases will be provided full access for the lifetime duration of the membership site and business services offered by Sarah Tolmie, Life & Love.
  2. Request for refunds are not automatically provided by will be taken on a case by case basis and only possible within the first 7 days of purchase.
  3. Requests for refund need to be submitted to sarah@miraclemarriage.com.au


2. Disclaimer

  1. No guarantee can be provided that on completion of Creating a Miracle Marriage course, your marriage will not continue to experience challenge and difficulty, but by following all the course trainings and living by the practices, skills and habits delivered in the course, couples can expect improvement in their ability to address areas in their relationship more positively.
  2. Creating a Miracle Marriage does not offer medical or psychological/mental health advice.
  3. For any relationship experiencing abuse of any nature (emotional, physical, sexual, financial etc) please seek immediate professional and legal support and protection.
  4. For couples who have addiction as part of their relationship experience and dynamic, the results of Creating a Miracle Marriage course may be compromised and diminished. 

1st November 2018