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Miracle Marriage Minute - Needs & Desires

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When you enter into committed relationships you enter an 'agreement' to take on the care and support for each others needs and desires.  In addition to your own, your partners needs and desires also become important for you to be aware of, understand and give support, encouragement and fulfillment. In a Miracle Marriage, couples ask "What are you feeling?" "What do you need?" and "How can I support you in that?"


The idea of 'agreements' in relationship are both explicit and implicit.  Agreements are one of the core foundations of Sarah's A-Game for couples. She teaches the A-Game in her Creating a Miracle Marriage online course for couples and you can also learn more about it in her free ebook, Miracle Marriage Manifesto.

Sarah can help you to participate fully in Life & Love........

Sarah brings magic, miracles and meaning to all things Life & Love as a holistic celebrant, marriage therapist, life & love and relationship coach, end-of-life consultant and bespoke funeral director.


Sarah is in service to individuals, couples and families helping them to navigate the emotional, practical, relational and spiritual challenges of life and love’s journey as a coach, therapist and consultant.


Sarah can help you at any stage of your life & love: 

  • Getting Married? - Marriage preparation & holistic marriage celebrancy (Civil Marriage Celebrant)
  • Already Married? - Marriage enrichment, repair and therapy (Gottman trained marriage therapist)
  • Looking for Love? - Personal Coaching in self-love & healing, preparation, readiness and manifesting your next right relationship
  • Life Coaching - Therapeutic, holistic and spiritual healing
  • Life & Love Celebrations & Ceremonies & Rites of Passage
    • Weddings, Funerals, Memorials, Namings, Blessingsways (birthing/motherhood) & Community Celebrations
  • End-of-Life Consulting - Non-religous, spiritual pastoral care, planning for end-of-life, bespoke funeral director and holistic celebrant, death doula practice and grief & bereavement counselling.

It's my privilege and joy to support my couples, families and individuals through the journey of life & love - all the couplings, joys, challenges, changes, crises,  griefs and losses.  

Sarah's Life & Love


Sarah has been married to the love of her life, Andrew for 22 years (and re-marries him every 7years, recently celebrating their 4th wedding). They have two gorgeous, boisterous and sometimes smelly man-child aged sons. She is also in a passionate relationship with her ‘fur-child’ Harvey-dog.


She lives beachside on the NSW Central Coast in Australia and takes the ‘slow and scenic route’ towards a life full of love and laughter. She describes her adventures in Life & Love as close encounters with life & death, love &  loss, joy &transformation

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